Fire Alarms Leicester

Fire Alarms Leicester

We are specialists in Fire alarms in Leicester. Protect your home or business with a fire alarm system from Impact, or let us service your existing system.

As per your requirements, we install conventional or addressable fire alarm systems. Often your insurance company will require your business to have a fire alarm installed to a certain specification.

  1. AFD (Automatic Fire Detection)  
  • P=AFD designed to primarily protect property.
  • P1=AFD installed throughout all areas.
  • P2=AFD installed only in specified areas.
  • L=AFD designed to primarily protect human life.
  • L1= AFD installed throughout all areas
  • L2=AFD installed in defined areas in addition to an L3 system.
  • L3=AFD installed in escape routes (As L4) and in rooms opening onto those routes and may include void protection.
  • L4= AFD installed in escape routes compromising circulation areas and spaces such as corridors and stairways.
  1. L5= used to protect specified areas noted on a Fire Risk Assessment.
  1. M= a fire alarm system designed to be operated manually and with no AFD.

We offer full support and training on all equipment and devices. Our service contracts means that we test your fire systems bi-yearly. All devices will be checked during that period in order to ensure they are working correctly. Any faults will be brought to your attention and rectified.

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