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1 December 2020

With over 365,000 burglaries reported in the UK in the year ending March 2020, the need to protect your home is stronger than ever. Add to this the fact that the police are taking up to 5 days to attend reports of burglary, and the necessity to deter criminals in the first place, or having a way of disturbing their actions, becomes vital.

Alarm systems are the obvious solution here: the presence of a burglar alarm acting as a deterrent to would-be criminals. But, with numerous options to choose from, how do you know which is the best alarm system to protect your home?

Wired alarm systems vs wireless

One of the first considerations is whether you are going to have a wired or wireless intruder alarm system installed. If you are considering upgrading an existing system, then you are able to use the wiring that is already in place. A wire-free option causes minimal disruption while being installed: the need to rip up carpets to add the wiring, now gone.

With wired upgrades starting from £425 and a new wire-free installation starting at £470, there isn’t a huge variance in price when looking at the basic systems. Both offer the option of setting via code or fob, with fobs being a convenient way of allowing others to enter your property without the need to give them your personal access code.

Scantronic alarm systems

At Impact Fire & Security, we recommend Scantronic burglar alarms. Offering a range of wired and wireless alarm systems, as well as smart, monitored, or bells-only alarms, the Scantronic range has an intruder alarm system to meet all needs, with all systems being grade 2 as standard.

With Scantronic offering the best home alarm systems in the UK along with the ability to report to alarm receiving centres (ARC), let’s have a look at some of the available models.
The wired i-on10

Due to be released in December 2020, this model is the replacement for the Scantronic 9651. A perfect entry-level system with an audible alarm (bells only), the i-on10 also has the ability to cover up to 10 zones.

Being suitable for domestic use and even small commercial premises, this intruder alarm system is simple to operate and comes with the ability to be set/unset via code or fobs (depending upon which keyboard you choose). With the option to install up to 4 keyboards in your home, the i-on10 is a great grade 2 alarm, allowing homeowners peace of mind while also being cost-effective.

Scantronic wireless alarm options

If you are drawn by the lack of disruption that comes with wireless systems, Scantronic has two models that are well worth considering:

The i-on compact

A wireless intruder panel along with a built-in keyboard, these burglar alarms are compact and discreet meaning that the panel does not take anything away from the look of your home’s interior. As perfect starter-level alarm systems, the i-on compact can cover up to 20 zones and has ARC reporting capabilities. Also offering the Secureconnect™ end-user app, the i-on compact alarm system will send alarm notifications straight to your mobile phone, and can also be used to set/unset your alarm.

The i-on30R

This model comes in larger than the compact with a separate keyboard and, initially, can cover up to 30 zones. With this model, there is also the option to use expanders and increase the coverage to up to 60 zones. Like the i-on compact, the i-on30R can also be controlled and managed via the Secureconnect™ app, as well as reporting to an alarm receiving centre.

Scantronic hybrids

As the name would suggest, these alarm systems are a combination: being both wired and/or wireless. Many of the Hybrid range are more suited to commercial premises, but one certainly worth considering as an intruder alarm system for a domestic property is the i-on40.

The i-on40

Covering 40 zones, which can be increased up to 80, the i-on40 is a perfect burglar alarm for larger properties, with a large floor plan. It is also well suited to cover properties with outbuildings, as the detectors can be located some distance away from the panel.

As you would now expect, the i-on40 can also be controlled via the Secureconnect™ app, allowing you to remotely monitor and control your home alarm system, as well as reporting to an ARC.

What makes Scantronic stand out?

With so many other alarm systems on the market, you may wonder what makes Scantronic the best intruder alarm systems available in the UK. At Impact Fire & Security, we have the experience to see that all of the models offered by Scantronic do their job. Not only do they do their job, but they are reliable and engineer friendly.

More importantly, these burglar alarms are also user-friendly. As well as the panels themselves, there are associated devices that can be added, such as IP cameras that will start to record as soon as there is an activation. Any captured images are emailed directly to the homeowner or alternatively stored on a micro-SD card. These add-ons are also extremely user-friendly and developed with the homeowner in mind.

One of the most impressive features of Scantronic alarm systems is the option to have remote monitoring via an ARC. All of the systems that include the Secureconnect™ mobile app offer this, and in doing so, bring down the monitoring costs, making it much more affordable. With all of their alarms being grade 2 as standard, Scantronic truly stand out from the crowd.

How we can help you

If you have concerns for the safety and security of your home, at Impact Fire & Security, we have over 20 years of experience in helping homeowners, just like you, find the right solution.

Based in Leicester, and covering the whole of the East Midlands, we are happy to advise you so that you can find the most cost-effective solution to bring you security and peace of mind.

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